Reddit: Censorship fears Ignite criticism of Tencent reported Investment

China has a online censorship regime and Reddit is among the web sites it blocks.

The suggested financing prompted a tide of criticism on Reddit, which most of its users view as a bastion of free speech.

Many analysts concur it is improbable ten-cent or any investor would be able to control what content has been submitted on the site but hasn’t stopped a stream of memes and protest messages appearing in the last few days.

The Reddit platform enables users to talk about links on almost any subject, which might be then up-or down-voted, meaning the most popular content surfaces to the very best and is more prominent.

The platform has 330 million active users and describes itself as the”frontpage of the Internet”.

Along with sites such as Twitter and Facebook, Reddit is accessible in China within the Great Firewall of the country.

The government censorship regimen uses a collection of technical measures to block content that is contentious and exchange platforms.

Messaging services and networking are restricted, with key words and expressions blocked when they express dissent or ridicule leaders.

So that the report prompted any questions among the Reddit community which content restrictions may be even faced by the site out China in the future.

Winnie-the-pooh memes

In recent days Reddit users shared pictures of the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstration and winnie-the-pooh with regard to concerns a tieup with the business would cause stricter editorial controls.

Previously, information about the crackdown against protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square has been obstructed by Chinese governments. Search phrases such as”six ” – a reference to the date of the event 4 June and also”never forget” when typed into Chinese search engines have not returned some results.

Winnie-the-pooh has been blocked sometimes on Chinese networking websites since bloggers compare the cartoon personality into the country’s President Xi Jinping.

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