Homes In Italian Town Of Sambuca On Sale For €1

If the thought of views from the Mediterranean, wine vineyards and sunny beaches off the Italian coast noises appealing, the town of Sambuca may be the perfect destination — as homes are selling just for €1.

Although it may audio too good to be accurate, local officials are offering the homes on the hilltop town in order to repopulate the rural city.

And buyers will more than obtain money’s worth as the dozens of homes for sale are built upon land referred to as the “Earthly Paradise” on the southern tropical isle of Sicily.

According to city officials, the objective is to bring people returning to Sambuca after an exodus of locals to bigger cities.

However , the deal has one condition – fresh owners must invest €15, 000 ($17, 000, £13, 000) into refurbishing their particular new home within 3 years, as most of the abandoned homes are run down and dilapidated.

There is also a €5, 000 ($5, 700, £4, 400) protection deposit to consider, which is returned once the renovations around the houses, ranging from 40 to 150 sq metres, have already been completed.

The deal is similar to previous ones offered by Italian towns, but the difference is Sambuca’s homes are up for grabs for anybody – as city representatives told CNN they may be owned by city corridor.

“As opposed to other cities that have merely done this kind of for propaganda, this town hall owns all €1 houses on sale, ” stated Sambuca’s deputy mayor and tourist councillor Giuseppe Cacioppo. “We’re not intermediaries who also liaise between old and new owners. You need the house, you’ll get it very quickly. ”

If you’re interested in residing in one of the houses surrounded by “gorgeous beaches, woods and mountain range, ” you should act quickly, as 10 have already offered, according to Cacioppo.

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